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    Stevia Extract


      Stevia Extract-It is to separate the liquid from the leaves and stems by soaking the stevia leaves in water, and further use water or food grade alcohol for purification - completely traditional plant extraction methods.Thus, stevia glucoside, a pure natural and extremely sweet grower, can be obtained without affecting blood sugar level.
       The sweet components in stevia are all glycosides.Glycoside or heteroside is a compound formed by combining sugar or sugar derivatives with another non-sugar compound through the connection of sugar's end - based carbon atoms.After hydrolysis, the two parts of sugar and non-sugar can be generated. The non-sugar part is called glycogen or ligand, and the glycosylated (agly cone, genin).Rebaudiside: A, B, C, D, E.Dulcoside A and B are composed of the same diterpene ligands, belonging to tetracyclic diterpenes, which connect A glucose on c-4 dc-carboxyl group, followed by disaccharides or trisaccharides on c-13.It is mainly composed of Stevioside (Stv) that connects A locust sugar on c-13 and RebaudiosideA (RebA) that connects A glucose molecule on c-13
    There are 6 kinds of stevia sweeteners: stevia and stevia.Rebaudioside A, D, C, E;Durcoside A.They belong to glucoside compound, have the same glycogen - steviol (steviol).The difference between them is the number of glycoside bonds and the type of sugar formed.

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