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    What helps us choose the best stevia extract?

    Stevia is A kind of very low sugar content, high sweetness asteraceae perennial herbaceous plants, the study found that the stevia plants contains sweet chrysanthemum glucoside, sweet chrysanthemum glucoside, stevia glycoside B, ze LAN of sweet chrysanthemum glucoside disaccharides, alcohol and other natural ingredients, can be obtained by extraction and separation from stevia, A kind of natural plant extracts, stevia extract.

    Stevia stevia extract, as a new low sugar sweetener, is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, skin care, daily chemical, feed and other industries. Many high-calorie or toxic sweeteners are replaced by natural stevia extracts, which are favored in many industries because they are healthier and safer. Stevia can be used in addition to food additives, but also tea. Tea brewed with stevia plant is suitable for diabetic patients, mainly because stevia is not easy to cause the rise of blood sugar, but also has a certain promotion effect on the pancreas of diabetic patients, in addition, stevia also has the role of relieving dry mouth, thirst.

    Stevia extract on the market, brand, packaging, price, quality are many, there will be some differences, we choose to buy stevia extract, not only to identify the pros and the pros of stevia, but also to understand the appropriate market price stevia.

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