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    Is stevia extract suitable for all?

    Stevia extract is a natural sweetener, due to low calorie, high sweetness, non-toxic side effects and is used as a food additive to replace some high calorie or toxic side effects of sweeteners, mainly used in food, medicine, beverage and other industries. So is this plant extract really safe?

    In addition to the right way to handle, the right way to add, reasonable use, and appropriate population, is relatively safe. So who should not take stevia extract?

    Stevia extracts the biggest characteristic is high sweetness, low calorie, but cold sex, stevia extract the features of great harm to female uterus, therefore, is not recommended during pregnancy women, expectant mothers eat stevia extract, at the same time, in the period of the female is not suitable for consumption of stevia extract, this is mainly because menstruating women continuous blood loss, blood deficiency, consumption of stevia will damage, the menstrual period women should avoid eating stevia extracts. In addition, people with physical deficiency and cold are also not suitable to eat stevia extract, a large amount of stevia can cause stomach cold, diarrhea symptoms, so it is not recommended to eat people with physical deficiency and cold.

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