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    Why use stevia extract instead of sucrose and granulated sugar?

    Stevia extracts, also known as stevia sugar, stevia glycosides, this is a kind of extracted from compositae herb stevia plant extracts, and has the characteristics of high sweetness and low quantity of heat, no side effects on the human body, also have no toxicity, and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure has certain secondary effect, but the role of the plant extracts are mainly used as food additives.

    Stevia stevia extract is very popular in modern food industry, medicine and daily chemical industry. It is the third sweetener with development value after sugar beet and sugarcane. As people pay more and more attention to health and pursue a healthy lifestyle, the application of stevia extract is more favored by consumers.

    In the production process of products in food and beverage industries, the use of stevia stevia extract instead of sweeteners such as sucrose and white granulated sugar can not only reduce the side effects caused by excessive intake of sucrose and white granulated sugar, but also reduce the generation of calories, avoid obesity, and avoid the impact on blood glucose level and blood pressure.

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