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    What are the application advantages of stevia extract in properties?

    Stevia extract is made up of stevia stem and leaf as raw material through extraction and separation technology of natural plant extracts, mainly as a sweetener, because this kind of plant extracts low quantity of heat, high sweetness, non-toxic, no side effects, high security, more healthy, therefore, are often used to replace granulated sugar, sugar, etc.

    Stevia stevia extract is very soluble in water and ethanol, so stevia stevia extract can be used in combination with fructose, sucrose, maltose, glucose and other sweeteners.

    Stevia stevia extract has a more pure sweet taste than other sweeteners and is very stable at a PH of 3 to 10. Stevia stevia extract is also easier to transport and store. At the moment, usually drinks or food processing technology used in heat treatment little influence on the stability of the nature of the stevia extract, and stevia extract in acid and alkali medium will not decompose, can be used to prevent the phenomenon such as precipitation, discoloration, fermentation, in addition, stevia extract could reduce the viscosity, inhibit the growth of bacteria in food, drinks, extend the shelf life of products.

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