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    Geniposide natural extract supplier 98%

    Geniposide natural extract supplier 98%

    • SPECIFICATION: 30.0%-98%(HPLC)
    • PACKING:25Kg/drum
    • APPLICATION:Dye&medicine&food

    Basicproduct information

    Product name: gardenoside

    Nickname: GENIPOSIDE;Methyl (1r, 2 s, 6 s) - 9 - (hydroxymethyl) - 2 - [(2 s, 3 r, 4 s, 5 s, 6 r) - three,four, five - trihydroxy - 6 - (hydroxymethyl) oxan - 2 - yl] foxy - 3 -oxabicyclo [4.3.0] nona - 4, 8 - diene - 5 - carboxylate;Glucopyranosyloxy) -1, 4 a, 5, 7 a - tetrahydro - 7 - (hydroxymethyl) -, methyl ester, (1 s, 4 as,7 as) -;(1 s) - 1 alpha beta - D - Glucopyranosyloxy) - 1, 4 a, alpha, 5, 7 aalpha - tetrahydro - 7 - hydroxymethylcyclopenta [c] pyran 4 - carboxylic acidmethyl ester;1 alpha, beta - D - Glucopyranosyloxy) - 1, 4 a, alpha, 5, 7 aalpha - tetrahydro - 7 - (hydroxymethyl) cyclopenta [c] pyran 4 - carboxylicacid methyl ester;Geniposide, 98%;Olea europaea L.Geniposidic

    CAS no. : 24512-63-8

    Molecular formula: C17H24O10

    Molecular weight: 388.3664

    Density: 1.49 g/cm3

    Boiling point: 622.2 ° C at 760mmHg

    Flash: 224 ° C

    Vapor pressure: 4.37 e-18 mmHgat 25 ° C

    Taste and smell: odorless

    Color: low content is brown andyellow, high content is white

    Properties: powder

    Determination method: highperformance liquid chromatography

    Geniposide, also known asgeniposide, is a product extracted and refined from the dried and mature fruitsof gardenia in rubiaceae by high-tech production process. Geniposide is airidoid glucoside, a kind of iridoid glucoside, which is mainly found ingardenia, eucommia ulmoides, cistanche tubulosa and other plants.As a naturalcrosslinking agent, genipin has good biological activity.Iridoid compounds area kind of monoterpenes widely distributed in the plant kingdom. They have thespecial ring structure of cyclopentane and pyranoid, and mostly exist in theform of glycosides.These compounds have a double bond between C3 and C4, C4 andC8 are polylinked with methyl groups, and are easily oxidized into -ch2oh, -ch2or,-cooh, -coor and other groups.As important plant secondary metabolites, indoleshave important significance in the synthesis and taxonomy of indoles alkaloids,and have extensive biological activities.

    The mainpurposeion                                            

    Gardenoside has a variety ofUSES, different conditions of fermentation, can be made into a natural ediblecolorants gardenias blue and gardenias red, is also used for the treatment ofcardiovascular, cerebrovascular, hepatobiliary and other diseases and diabetesraw materials drugs.

    1. The pigment

    Gardenoside polymerizes withprimary amino acids (glycine, lysine, phenylalanine) under the action of-glucosidase to produce gardenoside blue.The phycocyanin extracted fromgardenia blue and spirulina is the only two natural blue pigments left atpresent.

    2. Medical

    Gardenoside has a wide range ofpharmacological effects, such as liver and gallbladder protection,anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-thrombosis, anti-fibrosis, treatment ofdiabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, etc., especially in the prevention andtreatment of various types of experimental liver disease has been more and moreattention, has a good clinical application prospects.

    Packaging &Shipping

    Standard export carton packing,PACKING:25Kg/drum.


    3-20 days after confirmingorder,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season andorder quantity.

    Company Information                                            

    ZH ChemicalHangzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high quality and reliableraw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and others. We focus on the research, development, extraction and salesof gardenoside, stevia extract, hesperidin, naringin and other citrus extractsand derivatives.

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