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    High quality naringenin supplier

    High quality naringenin supplier

    • PACKING:25Kg/drum
    • APPLICATION:Pharmaceutical&food

    Basic product information

    Product name:Naringenin;naringetol

    Other names:TIMTEC-BB SBB006461;5,7,4 '- TRIHYDROXYFLAVANONE;5, 7 - DIHYDROXY - 2 - (4 -HYDROXYPHENYL) CHROMAN - 4 - ONE;(+ / -) - 2, 3 - DIHYDRO - 5, 7 - DIHYDROXY -2 - (4 - HYDROXYPHENYL) - 4 h - 1 - BENZOPYRAN - 4 - ONE;(+ / -) - 4 ', 5, 7 -Trihydroxyflavanone;(+ / -) - Naringenin

    Main materials:core shell of the fruit of the stem tree of sumac family, cherry blossom bud,plum blossom bud

    Main nutrients:dihydroflavonoids

    Main edibleefficacy: antibacterial, anti - inflammatory, anti - cancer, spasmolysis andcholecystosis

    Storage method:cool and dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature

    CAS NO: 480-41-1

    Molecular formula:C15H12O5

    Molecular weight:272.25

    Melting point: 247~ 250

    Product shape:white needle crystal

    Productiontechnology: mainly by alcohol extraction, extraction, chromatography,crystallization and other processes.

    Specificationcontent: 98%

    Test method: HPLC

    Product shape:white needle crystal, fine powder.

    Physical andchemical properties: soluble in acetone, ethanol, ether and benzene, almostinsoluble in water.Magnesium hydrochloride powder reaction was fuchsia red,sodium tetrahydroborate reaction was purple red, molish reaction was negative.

    Structuralfeatures: naringenin is formed into glucoside with neohesperidin at theposition of 7 carbon, which is called naringin and extremely bitter.It is asweetener when it is opened under alkaline conditions and hydrogenated to formdihydrochalcone, and its sweetness can reach 2,000 times that ofsucrose.Hesperidin is abundant in citrus peel, which is called hesperidin whenit is formed with rutin at carbon 7 and -neohesperidin at carbon 7.

    Source products

    Core-shell of thefruit of the stem tree (amacardi-um occidentale L.);Cherry blossom Prunusyedoensis Mats. Bud, p. mumeSiebet Zucc

    Pharmacological effects

    Pomelo peelglucoside of pomelo peel glucoside yuan is, belongs to the second hydrogenflavonoids, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, scavenging free radicals,antioxidation, cough expectorant, fall hematic fat, anti-cancer, anti-tumor,spasmolysis and cholagogic, prevention and treatment of liver disease, inhibitplatelet coagulation, resistance to atherosclerosis effect such as hardening ofthe arteries, which can be widely used in medicine, food and other fields.

    1. Antibacterial:it has strong antibacterial effect on staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, dysenteryand typhoid bacillus.Naringin also has an effect on fungi. Spraying 1000ppm onrice can reduce the infection of rice blast fungus by 40-90%, and it is nottoxic to human and livestock.

    2.Anti-inflammatory: intraperitoneal injection of 20mg/kg per day in ratssignificantly inhibited the inflammatory process caused by wool ballimplantation.Galati et al. found that naringin had anti-inflammatory effects inall dose groups through mouse ear patch experiment, and the anti-inflammatoryeffect increased with the increase of dose.The inhibition rate of the high-dosegroup was 30.67% for the thickness difference and 38% for the weightdifference.[3] feng baomin et al used DNFB method to induce 3-phase dermatitisin mice, and then orally administered naringin on the second to eighth days,and observed the inhibition rate of immediate phase (IPR), late phase (LPR) andultra-late phase (vLPR).Naringin can effectively inhibit the edema of the earrim of IPR and vLPR.

    3. Free radicalscavenging and antioxidant effect: DPPH (diphenylpicryl radical) is a stablefree radical, and its absorbance attenuation at 517nm can be used to evaluatethe ability of free radical scavenging.The results of animal experiments showedthat naringin had a strong inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation in thebrain, heart and liver of mice, and significantly enhanced the activity ofsuperoxide dismutase (SOD) in the whole blood of mice.

    4. Lipid-loweringeffect: according to the results of animal experiments, at a certain dose, naringincan significantly reduce serum cholesterol, triglycerides and low-densitylipoprotein cholesterol, and relatively increase plasma high-densitylipoprotein cholesterol, indicating that naringin has a lipid-lowering effecton mice.

    5. Anti-tumoreffect: naringin has the function of regulating the body's immune function andinhibiting tumor growth, and is active in both leukemia L1210 and sarcoma ofrats.The experiment showed that the thymus/body weight ratio increased afteroral administration of naringin in mice, indicating that naringin can enhancethe immune function of the body.Naringin can regulate the level of Tlymphocytes in the body, repair secondary immune deficiency caused by tumor orradiotherapy and chemotherapy, and enhance the effect of killing cancercells.According to reports, experiments have confirmed that naringin canincrease the weight of thymus in mice with ascites cancer, suggesting that itcan enhance the immune function of the body and mobilize its own inherentanti-cancer ability.The results showed that pomelo peel extract had aninhibitory effect on S180 sarcoma with a tumor inhibition rate of 29.7%.

    6. Spasmolysis andcholecystosis: strong users of flavonoids.Naringin also increased bilesecretion in experimental animals.

    7. Cough andexpectorant effect: phenol red was used as the indicator of the effect ofremoving diseases. The experiment showed that naringin had a strong effect ofcough and expectorant.

    Naringin is usedin the production of drugs that treat bacterial infections, sedation andcancer.

    Application:suppository, lotion, injection, tablet, capsule, etc.

    Packaging and transportation                                    

    Packaging &Shipping:Standard export carton packing,PACKING:25Kg/drum.


    3-20 days afterconfirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to productionseason and order quantity.

    Company Information                                            

    ZH ChemicalHangzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high quality and reliableraw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and others. We focus on the research, development, extraction and salesof gardenoside, stevia extract, hesperidin, naringin and other citrus extractsand derivatives.

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