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    Natural stevia extract Stevia sugar suppliers over 90%

    Natural stevia extract Stevia sugar suppliers over 90%

    • PACKING:25Kg/drum
    • APPLICATION:Pharmaceutical&food

    Basic product information

    Product name:stevia extract

    CAS no. : 57817-89-7

    EINECS no. :260-975-5

    Molecular formula:C38H60O18

    Molecular weight:804.87

    Description: whitepowder, cool sweet taste, high sweetness, low calorie, sweetness is 150~300times of sucrose.Slightly bitter at high concentrations

    Melting point:238-239

    Than the rotation:- 39.3 ° c = 5.7, H2O)

    Stability: stablechemical properties, high temperature resistance, no discoloration when heatedin food, its sweetness can be retained in the mouth for a long time.

    Hygroscopicity:hygroscopicity in air

    Solubility:slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in water

    Permeability: highmolecular weight, poor permeability


    Source: compositaeperennial herbs stevia leaves, stems, roots and other parts, among which, theleaves of the highest content.In the growth process of stevia, the content ofstevia extract reaches the highest when stevia is in its bud stage, and it isknown as the "world's third sugar source".

    Main ingredients: thesweet components of stevia glycosides belong to glycosides.Glycoside orheteroside is a compound consisting of a sugar or sugar derivative and anothernonsugar compound joined together by the terminal carbon atoms of thesugar.Glycosides can be hydrolyzed to produce sugar and non-sugar parts, andthe non-sugar parts are called glycosides or ligands, and glycosides.

    The sweetcomponents are stevioside, steviobioside, rebaudioside A (r-a), rebaudioside B(r-b), rebaudioside C(r-c), rebaudioside D(r-d), rebaudiosideE (r-e) anddurcoside A(Dul dulcoside (A) - A).

    The application history

    Stevia is nativeto Paraguay and Brazil in South America and was used by Paraguayan residents tomake sweet tea more than 400 years ago.

    It was namedStevia rebaudiana by botanist Bertoni in 1905 and is still in use today.

    The artificialnursery cultivation experiment was started in 1955.

    In 1964, EnrigueDE Gasperi successfully transplanted stevia into the field.

    In the late 1960s,this plant was valued by many countries and regions.Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,South Korea, Israel and China all have large crops.

    Since the ban ofcyclamate in Japan in 1969, stevia has been attached great importance.However,due to incomplete human toxicology and metabolism data, it is only approved foruse in 8 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Paraguay,Thailand and Malaysia, and the ADI value of stevia is 5.5mg/kg.

    As of 2000, it hasnot been approved by European and American countries.The FDA has rejected itsstatus as a food additive three times in the past decade.

    On September 18,1995, the FDA again approved it as a "Dietary Supplement" to be soldand consumed.

    Product advantages

    As a plant-basedcalorie-free sugar substitute, stevia extract is a perfect and unprecedentedopportunity for consumers who are seeking an all-natural, calorie-freesweetener alternative for their healthy lifestyle balance and weight managementprograms.

    1. Highsecurity.Stevia extract has been consumed for hundreds of years by people inits native countries (Paraguay, Brazil, etc.).

    2. Low calorificvalue.It is used for making low-calorie food and beverage, especially forpatients with diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis.

    3. Stevia extractis soluble in water and alcohol, and it tastes better when mixed with sucrose,fructose and isomerized sugar.

    4. Stevia extractis a non-fermentable substance, stable in nature, not prone to mildew, will notchange in the production of food and beverage, and also easy to store andtransport.Long-term consumption does not cause dental caries.

    Stevia extract tasteslike sucrose and has unique cool and sweet characteristics.Can be used formaking flavor food, candy, etc.It can also be used as a flavorcorrection.Restrain the peculiar smell and strange taste of some food andmedicine, and replace sucrose to be used in pharmacy, syrup, granule andpill.It can also be used in seasoning, pickles, toothpaste, cosmetics andcigarettes.

    6. Stability:under normal food and beverage processing conditions, the properties of steviaextract are quite stable, which is conducive to reducing viscosity, inhibitingbacterial growth and extending product shelf life.

    Application field

    stevia extract asa new type of sweetener, can be widely used in all kinds of food, beverage,medicine, daily chemical industry.It can be said that almost all sugar productscan use stevia to replace some of the sucrose or all of the substitution ofsaccharin and other chemical sweeteners.


    Stevia leaf tea ortea made with other raw materials, diabetes patients with hypoglycemia, stomachto promote digestion, decant and eliminate fatigue, obesity, hypertension anddental caries and other diseases have prevention and treatment.In the domesticmarket, such as (kangning tea), ninghong diet tea, oolong zhuzhu jujube tea,safflower tea, etc., all contain stevia ingredients, some have been sold to theforeign market.


    Soda, orangejuice, all kinds of juice, ice cream, etc.


    Stevia healthbenefits, stevia moon cakes, cookies, etc., become nutrition, health care, aswell as children, the elderly special needs of food.


    Canned fruits suchas arbutus in syrup, orange, hawthorn, longan, etc.Aquatic products and cannedmeat, such as stevia glycosides, can not only play the role of seasoning butalso play the role of anti-corrosion and prolong the shelf life.

    Curing category:

    Marinated withstevia such as radish pickles and pickled mustard, long shelf life, clearpickled delicious, not rotten.Aquatic products: stevia glycosides can preventthe protein rot and deterioration of aquatic products and reduce the cost whileimproving the flavor of aquatic products.Such as a variety of canned fish,kelp, etc.

    Preserved fruit cake:

    Such as: plumpreserved fruit after the application of stevia glycosides, not only sweettaste and delicious.


    Stevia glycosidesare added to fruit wines such as roxburgh rose, sea buckthorn and grape as wellas liquor to reduce the spicy taste and improve the flavor.It also adds foam,whiteness and durability.


    Stevia glycosidescan be added to sausage, ham sausage, bacon and other foods to improve flavorand prolong shelf life.

    Daily chemical products:

    Stevia glycosideis added to gum and toothpaste, which can promote the sweetness of products,reduce the proliferation of oral harmful bacteria and reduce dentalcaries.Stevia glycosides have been used in a variety of toothpastes, gum andcosmetics.


    The ministry ofhealth approved stevia for medicinal use in 1992.Many products have beendeveloped, such as orange VC, thirst quenching throat tablets, children'scompound xinnomin, cough syrup, zinc gluconate oral liquid.


    Such asmulti-flavor melon seeds, fool melon seeds, stevia, cigarettes, stevia milkpowder and so on.

    Packaging and transportation                                    

    Packaging &Shipping:Standard export carton packing,PACKING:25Kg/drum.


    3-20 days afterconfirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to productionseason and order quantity.

    Company Information                                            

    ZH ChemicalHangzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high quality and reliableraw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and others. We focus on the research, development, extraction and salesof gardenoside, stevia extract, hesperidin, naringin and other citrus extractsand derivatives.

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