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    Premium hesperidin supplier Cas 520-33-2

    Premium hesperidin supplier Cas 520-33-2

    • PACKING:25Kg/drum
    • APPLICATION:Pharmaceutical&food

    Basic product information

    Product name:HESPERETIN

    Nickname: (2 s) -2 - (3 - Hydroxy - 4 - methoxyphenyl) - 5, 7 dihydroxy - 2, 3 - dihydro - 4 h -1 - benzopyran - 4 - one;(2 s) - 2 - (3 - Hydroxy - 4 - methoxyphenyl) - 5, 7dihydroxy - 2 h - 1 - benzopyran - 4 (3 h) - one;(S) - 3 ', 5, 7 - Trihydroxy -4 '- methoxyflavanone;[S, (-)] - 2, 3 - Dihydro - 5, 7 - dihydroxy - 2 - (3 -hydroxy - 4 - methoxyphenyl) - 4 h - 1 - benzopyran - 4 - one;Eriodictyol 4 '-monomethyl Mr;(2 s) - 2, 3 - Dihydro - 5, 7 - dihydroxy - 2 - (3 - hydroxy - 4- Methoxyphenyl) - 4 h - 1 - benzopyran - 4 - one;5,7,3 '- TRIHYDROXY - 4' -METHOXYFLAVANONE;4 '- METHOXY - 3, 5, 7 - TRIHYDROXYFLAVANONE

    CAS no. : 520-33-2

    Molecular formula:C16H14O6

    Molecular weight:302.28

    EINECS no. :208-290-2

    Colour: fine whitecrystalline powder


    Packing: 25Kg/drum

    Melting point:230-232 ° C

    Boiling point:363.32 ° C (rough estimate)

    Density: 1.2514(rough estimate)

    The refractiveindex: - 4 ° C = 1.8, EtOH)

    Storageconditions: 2-8 ° C stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse.Keep awayfrom fire and heat.Avoid direct sunlight.Package sealed.Should be storedseparately from acid, edible chemicals, avoid by all means mixed storage.Thestorage area shall be provided with suitable materials to contain the leakageand avoid contact with the oxide.

    Water solubility:Soluble in water (partly), dilute alkalis, and ethanol (50 mg/ml).

    Merck: 14467 0

    BRN: 309850


    CAS DataBaseReference

    Safety information

    Dangerous goodsmarking: Xi

    Danger class code:36/37/38

    Safetyinstructions: 26-36/37/39-27-37

    WGK Germany: 3

    Customs code:29329990

    Hesperetin(Hesperetin) is a kind of natural flavonoids, which is widely found in youngfruits of citrus genus rutaceae, such as fruits, flowers and food.It mainlycomes from the hydrolysis of hesperidin, has biological and pharmacologicalactivities, and is widely used in organic chemistry, medicine, agriculture,food and other fields.

    Pharmacological effects

    (1) antioxidant effect: hesperidin canavoid the harm caused by the peroxidation reaction by scavenging theperoxynitrite ions.

    (2) anti-inflammatory effect: hesperidincan inhibit the mediating effect of inflammatory mediators, thus indirectlyinhibiting the inflammatory response.Compared with hesperidin, hesperidin hasstronger anti-inflammatory effect, and hesperidin C7 has an effect on itsanti-inflammatory activity after it is connected with rutin.

    (3) lipid-lowering effect: hesperidin caninhibit the production of cholesterol enzyme and esterification enzyme, so asto achieve the effect of lipid-lowering.

    (4) cardiovascular protection: hesperidinhas the effect of reducing blood lipid and vascular permeability, and can playa role in preventing thrombosis.Hesperidin can also protect endothelial tissuefrom hypoxia by stimulating some mitochondrial enzymes, such as succinatedehydrogenase, and prevent thrombosis induced by coagulation caused byendothelial cell necrosis.In addition, hesperidin can promote anti-plateletcoagulation activity by inhibiting the phosphorylation of PLC 2 and itsdownstream signal transduction, which can prevent the formation of thrombosisand benefit the cardiovascular system.

    (5) anti-tumor effect: hesperidin has anantioxidant effect, which can prevent cancer caused by genetic changes causedby these factors.Flavonoids (hesperidin, etc.) can change the permeability ofthe blood-brain barrier to vincristine and is related to its concentration.Lowconcentration of flavonoids can reduce the uptake of vincristine by cerebralcapillary endothelial cells.On the contrary, high concentration can promote it.

    Market development

    (1) hesperidin isused in health drugs and health products, such as amway products that have hesperidinadded.Hesperidin is also the main active ingredient of the popular healthproduct vitality 50 in the United States.

    (2) hesperidin isfound in many CLARINS night creams as a cosmetic additive.

    (3) it is alsoused in food as an additive with vitamin p effect in Japan.

    Hesperidin ismainly used as a raw material of medicine in China, and the main curativeeffects of related drugs include stomach-strengthening, expectorant,antitussive, wind-driving, diuretic, antiretroactive and stomach-ache.

    Industrial process

    (1) water phase method

    Makers such as Kpeople using water as reaction medium, dilute sulphuric acid as catalyst, thereaction temperature from 25 to 180 , the study found that water phase when the temperature is 120 or highertemperature, hesperidin hydrolysis accelerated significantly.This is becausehesperidin has little solubility in water at room temperature, and increasingthe reaction temperature can greatly increase the solubility of hesperidin inwater phase.Hesperidin was hydrolyzed to hesperidin -7- -d - glucoside inaqueous phase.Hesperidin -7- -d - glucoside is also an important organicintermediate and can be used in the synthesis of sweeteners (dihydrochalcone).

    (2) methanol method

    Thomas Seitz etal. selected methanol as the reaction medium for hesperidin hydrolysis,concentrated sulfuric acid as the catalyst, heated reflux reaction for 7.5 h,and the reaction was completed. After adding ethyl acetate solution, theproduct was washed, dried and concentrated to obtain the crude product.Thecrude product is dissolved in acetone, added to dilute acetic acid solution,filtered, concentrated and dried to obtain the pure product (yield 99%).Themethanol synthesis process is simple and the yield of the product is thehighest. However, the separation and purification of the product are tedious,and methanol with greater toxicity is required as the reaction medium, so itdoes not meet the production requirements of green and environmentalprotection.Wingard et al. refined the methanol method reported by ThomasSeitz.After the hydrolysis reaction was completed, excess methanol was firstvaporized under vacuum. Under the protection of nitrogen, the reaction liquidwas directly added to the water phase and heated for reflux for 2 h. Aftercooling, crude products were separated out (yield 85%).

    First aid measures

    Urgent rescue:

    Inhalation: ifinhaled, move client to fresh air.

    Skin contact:remove contaminated clothing and rinse thoroughly with soapy water and water.Ifyou feel unwell, seek medical advice.

    Eye contact:separate the eyelids and rinse with flowing water or normal saline.Seek medicalattention immediately.

    Ingestion: gargleand do not induce vomiting.Seek medical attention immediately.

    Advice forprotecting rescuers:

    Transfer thepatient to a safe place.Consult your doctor.Show this chemical safetyspecification to the doctor on site.

    Fire control measures


    1. Extinguish thefire with water mist, dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide extinguishing agent.

    2. Avoid using directwater, which may cause splash of flammable liquid and spread the fire.

    3. Precautions andprotective measures:

    4. Firefightingpersonnel shall wear breathing apparatus and full body firefighting suit andput out the fire upwind.

    Move the containerfrom the fire to an open area if possible.

    6. Containers inthe fire must be evacuated immediately if they are discolored or sound fromsafety pressure relief devices.

    7. Isolate theaccident site and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering.Accept and dealwith fire water to prevent environmental pollution.

    Leakage emergency treatment

    Protectivemeasures, protective equipment and emergency procedures for operators:

    1. It isrecommended that emergency personnel wear air-carrying breathing apparatus,anti-static clothing and rubber oil-resistant gloves.

    2. Do not touch orcross the leakage.

    3. All equipmentused in operation shall be ground to ground.

    4. Cut off theleakage source as far as possible.

    5. Eliminate allsources of ignition.

    6. According tothe influence area of liquid flow, steam or dust diffusion, the warning areashall be delimited, and irrelevant personnel shall be evacuated from crosswindand upwind to safety area.

    Environmental protection measures

    1. Take in leakageto avoid environmental pollution.Prevent leakage into the sewer, surface waterand groundwater.

    2. Receiving andcleaning methods of leaked chemicals and the disposal materials used:

    3. Small leakage:collect the leakage liquid in an airtight container as far as possible.Absorbwith sand, activated carbon or other inert materials and transfer to a safeplace.No flushing down the drain.

    4. Massiveleakage: build dikes or dig pits for shelter.Seal drainage pipes.Cover withfoam to inhibit evaporation.Transfer to tanker or special collector withexplosion-proof pump, recovery or transport to waste disposal site.

    Handling and storage  

    Notes for operation:

    1. Operators shallbe specially trained and strictly abide by the operating procedures.

    2. The operationand disposal shall be carried out in a place with partial ventilation orcomprehensive ventilation and ventilation facilities.

    Avoid eye to skincontact and avoid inhaling vapor.

    4. Keep away fromfire and heat. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace.

    5. Useexplosion-proof ventilation system and equipment.

    6. If canning isneeded, the flow rate should be controlled, and there is a grounding device toprevent the accumulation of static electricity.

    7. Avoid contactwith prohibited compounds such as oxidants.

    8. Handle withcare to prevent damage of packaging and container.

    Empty containersmay contain residues of hazardous materials.

    10. Wash handsafter use and do not eat or drink in the workplace.

    11. Equipped withthe corresponding variety and quantity of fire fighting equipment and leakageemergency treatment equipment.

    Storage precautions

    1. Store in a cooland ventilated warehouse.

    2. It should bestored separately from oxidants and edible chemicals, and should not be mixedstorage.

    3. Keep containersealed.

    4. Keep away fromfire and heat sources.

    Lightningprotection equipment must be installed in the warehouse.

    6. The exhaust airsystem shall be equipped with grounding device for conducting and removingstatic electricity.

    7. Explosion-prooflighting and ventilation are adopted.

    8. Do not useequipment or tools that are likely to generate sparks.

    9. The storagearea shall be provided with emergency leakage treatment equipment and suitablestorage materials.

    Packaging and transportation                              

    Packaging &Shipping:Standard export carton packing,PACKING:25Kg/drum.


    3-20 days afterconfirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to productionseason and order quantity.

    Company Information                                            

    ZH ChemicalHangzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high quality and reliableraw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and others. We focus on the research, development, extraction and salesof gardenoside, stevia extract, hesperidin, naringin and other citrus extractsand derivatives.

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